Divorce Mediation Can Help You Avoid A Costly and Dragging Court Battle

Everybody has a war story about their own divorce or they have experienced vicariously via a friend or relative.  Complete with high price tags for dueling attorneys, long drawn out litigation, fights over the fitness of one of the parents to have custody of their kids or other big problems.  But most importantly, the pain which the divorcing couple went. Divorce will never be an easy procedure.  On the other hand, the popularity of choices, among which is divorce mediation, provides a much better, less painful, less costly alternative to the divorce situation to you. Continue reading

Protect Your Loved Ones With Special Needs Planning

A special needs child offers an excess layer of security and makes estate planning important.  Special needs can provide you peace of mind and confidence in the future of other relatives or your child.  Families put the job of planning for the reason that it seems confusing and overwhelming.  As you may anticipate, it is not quite as tough, it also is the sole means to make sure your child will get the best care as soon as you’re able to no longer provide care yourself. Continue reading